How to have the best experience for your party?

With a party package at Eagle you have the option to mingle with your group in our VIP Lounge. The VIP Lounge provides TV’s, a Pool Table, Chess, and plenty of seating where you and your party can relax after shooting! Your party is free to bring food & drinks (non-alcoholic) of your choice. A fridge and ice machine is available in the lounge for your food & beverages.

We suggest parties to be held Monday-Thursday at any time. Groups exceeding 10 people are not able to reserve range time/lanes on the weekends. Weekends here at Eagle are extremely busy and we experience a high amount of traffic during business hours.


  • Book your party 2 to 3 weeks in advance
  • Must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled Range time for Check In process.
  • Deposit = 50% of total
  • Valid FOID card per lane (An instructor is mandatory to accompany any lane without a FOID card.)


  • Individual Fee (Minimum 6 People) = $40.00
    • Includes
        • Range Time (1.5 Hr.)
        • Safety Gear Rental (Eye & Ear)
        • Pistol & Rifle Rental (Unlimited Swaps)
        • 1 Target
        • 1 box of ammo - Pistol: 9MM or .22LR (50 Rounds) - Rifle: .223 (40 Rounds)
  • Instructor Charge Fee = $75.00 / Hr. *Recommended* *30 minutes required before shoot session for full Range and Safety Briefing. *New shooters must allow 1 hour for Pistol or Rifle Instruction before shoot session.

  • VIP Lounge Fee = $100.00 / Hr. *Fee applies during range time*

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