Financing Now Available!

In order to give our customers a broader range of purchasing options, we now have financing! You have the option to layaway your purchase (up to 90 days) and pick it up once it's fully paid off OR you may now finance your purchase and pick it up as soon as your background check clears and the mandatory waiting period has passed!

What can I finance?
What are the requirements?
Why do you need my online banking account login information?
Will this affect my credit?
How long do I have to pay it off?
What are the interest rates?
Is this truly 90 days same as cash?
Can I pay off my financing early without a penalty?
How can I pay my finance early?
Is there a finance fee?
Is there a down payment required?
What are the terms for the recurring payments?
When can I take my item(s) home?
Why would I choose to finance instead of layawaying my purchase?
Can I have multiple finances at the same time?
What is the maximum amount that I can finance?
What if my purchase costs more than that I was approved for?
Is this an Eagle Sports Range credit card?
How do you apply for financing?
Will I receive approval right away?
Do we make our financing payments directly to Eagle Sports Range?
Am I able to return or change my financed item(s)?
Is there an online portal that I can log on to?
How can I change my banking account information or update my payments?
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